Photo Experience

A new brand and website experience.
Photo Experience
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Live Project
The problem:
When we first met with Photo Experience we initially discussed creating a new website for them, however as we started exploring the reason for doing so, it became apparent that we needed to set the foundations for the brand first.
Our solution:
We took them through our brand workshop, splitting the sessions up into three separate workshops. First diving into the brand core, understanding what drives the team and what they stand for. Defining their purpose, vision, mission and values. We then explored market positioning and brand persona's to create an overarching strategy that can be implemented into the new identity and set of guidelines. Going through this process allowed their team to feel aligned in where they are heading and who they are, whilst also enabling a seamless journey for us to bring the new brand to life through the website.
The outcome:
Photo Experience are now in a position where they are looking to expand outside the UK, partnering with some of Europe's most popular tourist attractions. Their new website conveys a unified brand message, amplifying elements of the brand we discovered through the workshop and allowing us to fully express what it feels like capturing memories that last a lifetime.

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