Restore Datashred

Bringing the new brand to life.
Restore Datashred
Live Project
The problem:
With Restore Datashred's recent brand refresh, they were looking for a creative partner to introduce elements of motion in to the brand. With the industry being very static, it was a perfect opportunity for us to convey the service they deliver to their audience in three dimensions.
Our solution:
We started storyboarding the initial concept, implementing the script and sketching out our initial ideas. We needed to create a brand explainer video that the audience instantly resonates with, so we wanted to adopt a real life scenario and show how Restore Datashred can prevent this from happening. The final product portrays exactly this and we're really pleased with how it came together.
The outcome:
“I am absolutely thrilled with hydro. Their animation services provided were very professional and detailed. Marcus and his team are very responsive, knowledgeable, passionate, and deliver exceptional quality animations. They helped to capture the essence of Restore Datashred and turned it into a professional animation that is informative, clear, concise, and engaging. I highly recommend them! - Kieran Buckley, Head of Marketing, Restore Datashred”

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