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design, development, motion.

Peak are on a mission to Improve your quality of life, by enhancing your health with the highest-quality mushroom supplements available. we went the distance to ensure that everything from product design to website development captured the brand perfectly. the collection consists of eight products, each of which will enhance your life in a different way, so we wanted to showcase this by using a blend of bespoke gradients. It was vital to ensure the UX of the website was clean and minimal, but still kept subtle transitions and animations to showcase the flexibility of the brand. we've loved bringing this concept to life and look forward to watching the continued success of Peak.






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unlocking the Peak.

disrupting the health and wellness industry with an identity that completely represents each product.

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fluidity throughout the site on mobile was key to captivating the complete user experience. we wanted to showcase the brand in its entirety on the homepage with one click checkouts for key products. design was key for high conversion.

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